Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring in a Bottle

L to R, Top to Bottom: Neat, Whisper, Highland Fling, Caleigh, Morning Glory Fizz, Leprechaun Lynch

Fresh flowers, jaunts to the farmers market, bike rides, and the shedding off of winter's cumbersome layers make me adore Spring despite my constant need for loads and loads of antihistamines. This time of the year also always brings for me a sense of renewal that has me craving for airy, refreshing hues from pretty flowers to perfectly pretty polish! I think I'm a Morning Glory Fizz kinda girl. (Wouldn't that make for a smashing cocktail?) What about you?

p.s. The Scotch Naturals line is water-based, non-toxic polish, and so pretty it hurts! How's that for refreshing?
Deanna Pai said...

YES so happy you're back! And I'm with you on the Morning Glory Fizz, although Caleigh would give it a run for its money. The names are so spectacular, and spot-on!

Michaela said...

I love these, such pretty colours! My favorite is the Leprechaun Lynch!

Behind the Lashes said...

I just came across this brand recently. I'm dying to try them!

Tobe | BIA said...

mmmmm...delicious hues!

Jin said...

Spring is my favorite time of year minus the fact that i'm allergic to pollen.
Highland Fling and Leprechaun Lynch are my favs!

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