Thursday, July 14, 2011

390 Square Feet Fabulous

"We designated an entrance simply by painting a small outlined square just inside the front door," Kaihoi says.
"The velvet-covered banquette serves as plush seating at the dining table" as well as seating for the living area. The dining table seems to be a folding table that is stowed away when meal time is over.
The floor was painted to mimic a rug and the bookshelf custom built to accommodate tight quarters.
Although clever, this trundle bed, (yes, somehow 3 people manage to share this mini space) must do a number on this couple’s sex life. No. Thank. You.  Just sayin’.

I have quite the collection of House Beautifuls, but my favorites are the issues that feature small spaces and gi-normous style! It's truly amazing the innovation, resourcefulness, and design that can fit into nothing more than a shoebox. The photos above are from a previous issue, just 390 square feet, which I went back to after I finished picking my jaw up off the floor in awe of the latest July/August issue that features Brooklyn fabulous in 295 square feet. It ain't no joke.

Do you think you could sacrifice your space for big city living? I know my answer ;)

{East Village Home of Designer David Kaihoi | House Beautiful}
Unknown said...

This is always so inspirational for me to see. I can't imagine having to live in such a small space but when I see these wonderful designs, I am left in awe at the creativity that does into it and would have NEVER thought the space was so small.

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

I love the first photo! There is something about grey and pops of yellow!

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

I love this space, but I could never do 3 people in such a small area.

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