Saturday, October 15, 2011


Beaton for Vogue, 1945
 What's on the agenda this weekend, darlings? I'm putzing around. Working a bit and actually so excited to see my bff family. We're having one our signature dinners tonight, and I'm in charge of guac and teqqquiiila! Leave it to the bar cart lady. Are you around NYC? The Cecil Beaton exhibit starts in 10 days, and I know it's something I will be checking off my weekending list soon!
walking dot photography said...

I WISH I were near NYC and could go to a fun exhibit! Alas, down in my part of the south there aren't that many great museums or shows. *boo* Tomorrow should be a fun day for me to laze about, but today I'm helping shoot a wedding, which is always fun but EXHAUSTING. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow i love that picture, so sophisticated <3

viv said...

I must visit that exhibit before it ends! Happy weekend!

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