Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Year with Kimberly Lewis

It's a New Year with Kimberly Lewis, the fierce entrepreneur behind Kimberly Lewis Home! Kimberly and I had the pleasure of meeting last year at a Rue event, and I've loved watching her new business grow! 
Kimberly styling her shoot. Isn't her wallpaper fabulous?
Your proudest accomplishment in 2011?
My proudest accomplishment for 2011 was getting my business off the ground and debuting my collection of wallpaper at ICFF in May. It took a lot of planning and sleepless nights since I was still working my full time corporate design job but I persevered through and made it happen! Another big accomplishment was deciding to leave my corporate design job in August and start freelancing on my own. 2011 has been full of big and scary decisions and I have no regrets!

Your greatest aspiration for 2012?
Professionally my biggest aspiration for 2012 is to continue to grow my company. I am introducing my new products at the end of the month and I would love for a bigger percentage of my income to come from my business so I have more time to dedicate to it. Personally my biggest aspiration for 2012 is to have more fun! Whenever I find myself smiling I want to stop and think about what I am doing and think about how I can create more of that in my life. In the attached photo is some of my favorite parts of 2012. Working on getting everything together for the launch, speaking at an apartment therapy event and getting my first print mention in Interior Design Magazine!