Friday, January 20, 2012

Pretty Pretty Pellegrino

I'm not sure what is with me lately but even when it comes to the tiniest thing, like what I want to drink with my lunch, I find myself requiring pretty. Maybe it's the insane amount of stress that comes with trying to find and move into a new apartment in 4 days that is driving me to find comfort in things that on a normal day may only garner a perfunctory glance.
Defense mechanism, perhaps? If so, it sure is a purdy one ;) Cheers! p.s. Love the packaging as much as me? How cute is the sweet little can here? For bar cart beautiful- just add vodka!
{Free Flavour | Me | Ivy & Piper}
Rowena @ rolala loves said...

The packaging is graphically beautiful and bright! Pretty things can totally be a stress coping mechanism :) Good luck with the apt. search and move!

Jin said...

the lemon flavor is my fav...I have it for lunch just about every day.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that bar cart!


Unknown said...

there truly is something just so pretty about pellegrino...perhaps it's the italian thing ;) i just popped over from walks with bella to read tamra's guest post & am so happy to meet your blog! love it :) XO brynn

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Smith And Ratliff said...

Have you tried the pomelo and blood orange varieties? They are worth seeking out if not!

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