Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Year with Mimi + Meg

For the last, but certainly not the least, installment of A New Year, please welcome Meg Biram! She's made a huge splash in the blogging world with her popular blog Mimi + Meg and recently introduced a vibrant art shop full of original paintings.

My proudest accomplishment in 2011?
Launching my art shop!
I See You and Me
 My proudest accomplishment in 2011?
Launching my art shop!

My greatest aspiration for 2012?
Well, there are so many, so here are the important ones...
1. Share an inspiring office/studio with a few amazing people in the DC area.
2. Develop several painting series ideas I've been thinking about and sketching for a few years.
3. Get another business I'm working on up and running.
4. Travel (a lot), experience, and enjoy life. 
5. Go to more art museums, live music events, and do a lot more yoga.
6. Be more thoughtful and organized.