Friday, March 23, 2012

429 3rd Avenue (btw 29th and 30th)

Our first time at the Bagel Cafe was at 6am on a random weekday. (Yes, earlier than this very post!)  Our schedules were particularly brutal that week so we decided to sneak in a "breakfast date." Call us cray, but sometimes life has a way of shifting you around to its liking. Now we often go here on lazy weekends when we don't feel like stepping foot out of our neighb.  I like the traditional Nova Scotia and Alan is quite unpredictable!
Unknown said...

Yum! I would love this today. Happy Friday!

thais said...

a breakfast date at 6am on a weekday sounds like a great idea when life is crazy! love can everything :)

allergic to vanilla said...

but what a glam 6am brekkie it seems like!!


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