Thursday, May 17, 2012

Country Living's House of the Year : Room to Spare Launch Party

Last night was the most beautiful night for a waterfront social. The newest addition to the Society Social team (my sweet sister!) and I attended Country Living's House of the Year 2012 : Room to Spare launch party.

The celebration was at the Waterfront Plaza in the World Financial Center and as the sun set and a delicious breeze whipped through, we sipped equally delicious cocktails while visiting three perfectly quaint country cottages nestled in the heart of downtown New York. Isn't that the loveliest idea?  Like a secret garden ;)
This is the first year the "House of the Year" is not one house, but three. Each micro-cottage was styled by Country Living editors in conjunction with guest designers and experts- Thomas Paul teamed up with Kreis Beall to design a guest room cottage, Ruard Veltman teamed up with Marcus Samuelsson to design a kitchen cottage, and Barbara Kurgan teamed up with Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt to design a studio cottage. 
Shauna and Stephen, the over the top lovely and uber-creative duo behind Something's Hiding in HereForage, and the forthcoming Seed House, hosted Society Social's second photo shoot. In between rearranging, errr tearing apart their gorgeous loft, we struck up a friendship, and I was honored to be able to support them at their big debut! 
Their cottage boasted the most darling personal touches from vintage photos, fresh blooms, a floor to ceiling inspiration wall, and cozy seating area that made you feel right at home!
I mostly snapped a few detail shots as you really must make a visit yourself! Each cottage is bursting with inspiration and clever decorating ideas not to be missed. 
The project will be on display May 17-23 and you can find more information here!
Do tell me if you spy the hornet's nest ;) 
Congrats Country Living, Something's Hiding in Here, and all involved on a beautiful night and amazing finished project! 
p.s. Is this silly? I was totally giddy to see "Roxy Owens / Society Social" printed on my name tag and nearly passed out when an extremely kind someone recognized me from my business! Oh the little things :) 

Anonymous said...

Roxy, the pleasure was all ours! Thanks for celebrating our opening with us and glad you enjoyed it...

Your Southern Peach said...

So sweet and you totally deserve the recognition.

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