Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Fever

In my book, the Olympics top the list of the most inspiring, captivating events to ever happen. I mean, who doesn't love watching dreams come true while at the same time watching the world come together?! I've been avidly watching, crying every other second (ha!), and I've especially loved following 17-year old (!!) Olympic swimmer, Missy Franklin.   
She's about as sparkly as it gets and she's quickly winning hearts all over the world with her contagious smile and bubbly spirit, including mine! I cried with her during the Backstroke Medal ceremony then my heart almost burst watching her joyful reunion with her parents after winning Olympic Gold. 
That's what dreams are made of y'all! Have you been watching? Following anyone in particular? Team USA is kicking ass!
p.s. Michael Phelps now has 19 Olympic medals which makes him the most decorated Olympian of all time and he's not even done yet. Whoa!

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Lindsey said...

Is she not the most precious thing ever?!? She's from my hometown in Denver, so I've been rooting her on! Colorado needs a nice story right now, too. She seems like such a nice young lady....down to earth and ready to go to college in a year and therefore not taking advantage of all the fame/money that comes with Olympic sponsorships. Nice lady, in my opinion!

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