Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Weekending!

I've posted this quote before, but it seems so fitting to share again after such a week. So many people took a stand with us. I'm almost in disbelief from the outpouring of support. You've all left me and my entire family speechless with your kind words and fervent backing. With every tweet, comment, post, we've read them all, you've reminded us that they are people who can be so compassionate as to extend their hearts to even a virtual acquaintance and that makes up a million times over for the hate we experienced this week. With a full and again light heart, we thank you and are sending big hugs from our family to yours :)

p.s. Negativity is for the birds. Don't you think? Back to regular programming next week. Promise!

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Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened at market. I always appreciate your positive attitude! Have a great weekend :)

samantha ramage said...

i just saw the post about your brother's bad experience- how rude!!!! i am glad you got the word out there. the interior design world is very white washed and in need of more diversity! you go girl!


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