Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speed Decorate NYC, Day 1

I have about two weeks to get my NYC apartment presentable for company. Join me as I speed decorate like a maniac. This is what happened on Day 1...

Chinese hardware. Yes, I will join the legions of Rast hackers. I was smitten with Overlays but since I have three Rasts to makeover, versus one or two, I thought it would get a little visually cray. Alan made the ultimate decision when he proclaimed, "I like the fishes."

It took me a few minutes to decide what type of bulb I wanted for the new sputnik.  I've never owned a star type light bulb before so I decided to head into uncharted territory because decorating should be adventurous, right?

Ginger jars remind me of my mom. She loves Chinese antiques and they're scattered all over my childhood home in the form of chairs, garden stools, art, and these of course. I remember when we went to "Ming Village" on a trip to Singapore, we returned with suitcases full of incredible reproductions from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. I'll be collecting Double Happiness from now on ;)

Every proper tufted ottoman calls for a tray. This little cutie will hold everything from remote controls to small bud-filled vases, and my brimming glasses of wine!

I originally owned the Madison Mixer, but she lives at my girl Tam's in Soho now, and upon re-ordering I found stock to be really low. I don't want to take any of the new intros from potential customers either so I settled for my Sedgewick, the actual first prototype to go through production! I've always planned on keeping the firsts so this will be perfect. I plan on stealing a Madison tray eventually to make the switch. What do you think so far? Tomorrow I'll be sharing the project Naomi and I started last winter!! Finally!
Sierra said...

I cannot wait to see the results! I am doing my apartment (at a snail's pace) and I recently used O'verlays, but love what you are photos!

I just got two awesome trays at West Elm...I cannot stop buying trays and mirrors! New stuff on your site is adorable.

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