Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Picture Book

Better late than never, right?... We only have two weekends together in October so Alan planned a special date night, all by himself :) We ended it like all sexy date nights, hanging art that arrived earlier in the week. We then turned up the heat with a Homeland marathon to which we ended up falling asleep by approx 10pm. 
When the weather is gorgeous what else is there to do but to be outside eating and drinking, right? To Smorgasburg we went on the most perfectly sunny and breezy Saturday. The view...

We've been multiple times throughout the summer but this time around the food vendors had tailored their offerings to the season. Behold my "johnnycake" by Fat Beagle- pulled pork, roasted butternut squash, brussel sprouts, and kale atop a cornbread pancake of sorts. I also sampled a warming parsnip and apple soup. Happy tummy.
Per tradition, I must do a little vintage treasure hunting while in Brooklyn. It was a good thing this fur was about 10 sizes too big otherwise it would have been the latest addition to my closet. Every girl needs a little ridiculous.
Have any of y'all been to The Surf Bar on Bedford and North 6th? It was our last stop before heading back into the we needed to eat anymore. That place cracks me. 100% tiki'd out, complete with sand. 
Loren was in town for work so of course it was a fine excuse to get a lovely group together for dinner and drinks. Sarah, Mackenzie, Inslee- I admire all these ladies so much! We laughed for hours, my face hurt by the end of the night. 
The good news out of all of this? We're two days away from another weekend :) 
jenn from midlife modern said...

You looked so adorable in that big fur coat! So cuddly cute!

Unknown said...

I love your snapshots, too bad the fur wasn't your size! Love your blog, you have such a great style.

Stay in the Lines

Your Southern Peach said...

Daniel and I don't watch a lot of series but we both LOVE Homeland! It's our weekly date too. :) I swear that show gives me heart attacks every week.

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