Monday, December 31, 2012

December, Seee Ya!

A surprise came in the mail- Charlotte made an appearance!

Speaking of Charlotte, I designed a little something to add to the tufted collection. She finally came through production and will be debuting in January.

Remember that photo shoot on the Upper West Side? It came out in Matchbook and it was so fun to see how everything turned out!

I was also invited to be the Guest Editor for the month and couldn't help but to splash red all over my allotted round-up :)

There were holiday parties galore! Inslee, Tamra, and I lusting over the beautiful shoes at the Coye Nokes social. They had a tarot card reader too!

I almost stroked when I saw my Fifis in the December issue of Lonny styled by Eddie Ross. I swear he has style coming out of his toes.

Huffington Post Live invited me to participate in a quick segment with HGTV's Hilary Farr and also featured the Hayworth on the front page (!) of the Huffington Post Home section.

During another vintage buy, I got totally ripped off. This book sold for approx one dolla in 1954 but I paid $10 for it. The owner of the booth was nowhere to be found and sometimes a girl just wants what she wants, right?! It's Betty Crocker's Guide to Easy Entertaining and it had me at bar cart.

Did you work right up until Christmas? I did but thankfully took the last week off to spend some time with family. This little sugar bug nugget is the best playmate. She loves to give kisses on the lips. I love kissing on the lips :)

Christmas was spent in the city, just the two of us! We made a shamefully large dinner, set a festive table, and put our trusty folding table to use. It makes me laugh that we have to push our ottoman out of the way and basically rearrange the entire living room to eat a proper meal at a proper table. Oh, New York!

Hey y'all! Another month in review! In the new year, I resolve to get back on a regular blogging schedule instead of these monthly check-ins! It's a genuine delight to read your comments and notes.  I really can't thank you enough for stopping by and sharing your day with me :) I will be spending the day reflecting on all the blessings of 2012- aren't we all so lucky despite it all? Happy New Year to you!
Julie Leah said...

Happy New Year, gorgeous girl!! xoxo

Albertina || MimosaLane said...

What a busy bee you are !!! CHeers to a wonderful New Year!! xx

Julia D. said...

You've definitely had quite the year! Congratulations on all your many achievements. I look forward to seeing what new and exciting things you take on in 2013.

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