Monday, February 18, 2013

28 Days of Things I Love: A White Sofa

Alan and I have only ever owned a white sofa, quite brazen I might add, for a household who orders red wine by the case and has a penchant for parties. The first one, dating back to our earlier, more frivolous twenties, was upholstered in a Sunbrella performance fabric to protect from a variety of drinking games.

That white beaut made it through 4 years of indulgent and mischievous behavior-- not one party foul. My brothers and I below with No.1-- have you heard of the wizard game? Mom, we were pretending. I swear we only consumed a respectable amount, that's why San's eyes are closed and he is holding a wizard staff of Coors Light.

The second one, dating back to our first New York apartment which ended in disaster, was upholstered in a beautiful white metallic linen. We had to throw it away after four weeks thanks to our landlord who had lied about the entire building being infested with bedbugs. We also threw away a ton of other custom furniture I had designed just for our "first place in the city.":( We lost a total of 10,000 dollars that winter, just three months after I drained my savings to start my business. We have no pictures due to its short life so I'll leave you with this, which was taken there. Caption: "I have no idea there is an army of bedbugs that are about to bite me all over my body, over 200 times to be exact, but I sure do love my dixie cup cocktail and my quintessential New York brick wall."

The third one, our current sofa, is Quinn upholstered in a white brushed canvas and accented with a black contrast welt. I love her, I love all our past white sofas, but she is by far the most chic.

Before I ramble, I'm going to go ahead and plug my business.:) Project Sofa launched yesterday and it's quite possibly the epitome for this le sofa blanc love affair. I invited 11 amazing designers to style one.white.sofa. The images below, which Style Me Pretty Home put together for the launch (!), will do the talking as to why I love her so. Oh the possibilities!

See? Aren't you smitten with Charlotte? If would like to see more (there are 12 new sofas!), you can view the entire lookbook here and the Style Me Pretty write-up here.

Other items not to miss:
-In the market? Shop here then enter #projectsofa at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING on the entire upholstery collection...for 4 whole days! (ends Thursday, 2/21 at 11:59pm EST)
-Love the darling custom illustration of my Manhattan apartment on the Project Sofa cover? Win your own along with chic stationery by Ashley Brooke Designs here.
-Stop by Style Me Pretty Home who, like I said, staged the fabulous launch for a chance to win $150!
Jin said...

I would love to have a white couch, but it wouldn't last a day with Carl and our dog.
I'm totally obessed with Project Sofa...I've been stalking your site all day :) IMU!

xo, jin

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

LOOOOVE everyone's designs!! You are so brave to own a white sofa. I cannot believe the bedbug story- tragic!

srldesign said...

I loved everyone's designs, so different and fun :) I wish I could live with a white couch, so gorgeous!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love that you are a white sofa kind of a girl! So excited about your project Sofa!! Blogging about it tomorrow!! Guess which design is my fave?? ha!

Hannah said...

I am obsessed with white sofas! I have a black doggy that sheds though, so we had to go with black for functional purposes.

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Julia D. said...

Cool idea! Love that picture of you with the brick wall, too cute!

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