Friday, March 1, 2013

Green Goodies to Love

My amazing intern, Sarah, put this gorgeous green round-up together just in time for March! I would love to don the Madewell silk dress, push Madison around, and serve y'all some cocktails! What drink would you request? I'll be sipping on a gin martini and I'm pretty sure Sarah would have a marg:) TGIF!

p.s. I totally felt like number one yesterday-- I cried into my green bean casserole. Don't you love lessons learned the hard way?! I fear using superlatives doesn't sound genuine sometimes so I'll just send big kisses for those words of encouragement:) Forewarning, I love  kissing on the lips so get that pucker ready.
p.s.s. Get to know the SS team by cocktail!
Amber said...

You know I love green! I heart you and I'm sorry you had a bad day. xoxo ~ber

Just Another Shopaholic said...

This color is so beautiful, I love!

sarah said...

So glad you liked my round-up :) We'll have to make a martini/ margarita date soon. Hope you started March off on a better note!

Julia D. said...

So much gorgeous green!

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