Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Picture Book: Anniversary

Alan and I are doing a lot of traveling for weddings this year so for our 5 year anniversary we decided to stay in town. Staycations can be pretty fun when you make the most of them and especially when you live in NYC!

On Friday we headed to our fave restaurant in the hood, Resto. We've made it a tradition to order champagne and cheeseburgers here when we're in a celebratory mood :) i.e. after this. The cheeseburger isn't on the dinner menu, but simply ask and they'll happily oblige. The cocktail menu comes hidden in various vintage books; I always look forward to seeing which one they'll pull from the library!

I introduced Alan to a new favorite. Post-workout, we ordered Hot Pink and Thai Greens then proceeded to feel like champions. Work-out and juice bar before 10:30 on a Saturday? Yes, it felt victorious.

It was drizzly and chilly, but we walked the 10 blocks home anyway. I love peering into the perfectly manicured Gramery Park, since I obviously don't have a key. Don't those plants look like they were dreamt up by Dr.Seuss?

We ventured to a new-to-us restaurant for our anniversary dinner, Riverpark. It's secretly tucked at the end of our street and we never even knew! It sits on the bank of the East River and has the most marvelous views. Unfortunately it was unseasonably cold so we had to sit inside but I'd like to say it was lucky-- we were surrounded by twinkly lights from the outdoors and in.

We reasoned since we didn't go on a big anniversary trip, and it was too cold to make our rooftop cocktail reservations at the McKittrick, that we were allowed to splurge. (I can rationalize annnnything.) Between the delectable courses, the glittering atmosphere, not to mention the impeccable service, and the best company of course, it was such a romantic night :)

We ended the long weekend quietly. I got a little sun on my now pinkish shoulders, Alan made  Dr.Pepper ribs (he was so excited ;), and we squeezed in a little shopping, too! oops.

How do you celebrate anniversaries and special occasions? Do you go on big trips? Or do you make the most of being at home? Fancy dinners? Here is what we did last year (someone sweetly bought our meal!) and the year before.

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Oh Roxy, that dress!!!!!! Stunning! Looks like the perfect weekend. :)

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