Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Your Favorite Hue Colors Your Home

The bedroom makeover and debated upon mural is taking another direction. I'm thinking it might be too much trouble to plan out and execute a hand-painted citrus grove. Ya, think? :) Sometimes I just get carried away in my design endeavors! My room has such beautiful whitewashed molding that I think picking a fresh paint color would better serve the architecture already in place. I'm currently smitten with an inviting coral but am so tempted to do a calming, serene blue since it is a bedroom, after all.

Do you base the colors you put in your home on how they make you feel? I would love to know! You can see the full "The Color Cue" story in the latest Manifesto Magalog and a sneaky peeky of my custom headboard (more on that later) that went in this morning, here!

{Photography by Lawrence Te, Graphic Design by Colleen Nathanson}
FripperyVintage said...

I like a basic white/cream background and lots of vibrant colors on top. We painted our entire home the same cream color and have the artwork add the color. My husband lived in Haiti as a child and inherited a large collection of art from their home there. These paintings are full of vibrant color and bring lots of joy to our home.

Anonymous said...

i'm a sucker for a blue room. i usually decorate in my favorite colors. which is usually white and blue. but now i'm adding a pop of pink in it too!

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