Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Giveaway and a Little Weekend Recap!

Hi long lost friends! I thought I'd make my return with a little Monday giveaway. My amazing friend Grace is hosting and she's giving one lucky reader a chance to win a set of all four of the Society Social booze totes. Head to the end of the post for the link!

I'd love to share our family vacation pictures soon (my brother is married!) but work has been a doozy with a ton of catch up so first thing's first! Meanwhile here are a few scenes from our first weekend back in the states.

Alan and I went on such a fun date! First to The Boil (yum yum) which I believe opened earlier this year in the LES. The word is definitely getting out because the wait was forev so we headed next door to the nearby dirty dirty dive Home Sweet Home. I'll do anything for ice cold beer when it's 90+ degrees out. (Watch out for the plethora of taxidermy! Yikes.) Back at The Boil I was bib ready. Can you tell I love love love shellfish?  Extremely excited.

After dinner we did a little meandering and stumbled upon a delicious cocktail bar. Turns out Sel Rrose opened just last month and is owned by the same management as Home Sweet Home and Fig 19. The champagne cocktails are so carefully crafted and their playlist pumps out 60s and 70s French pop. My idea of heaven. The Lavender Piscine below is my new obsession. I've had my share of awful Negronis, (one slight of the hand and to me it tastes like cough syrup!), but Alan's was perfect. The bartender was informative and friendly, too!

Alan's been working 14 hour days since our return including the weekend so I made sure to welcome him home Saturday and Sunday night with his favorite foods. This low country boil reminds us of frolicking on the banks of Shackleford (think the backdrop of a Nicholas Sparks novel, for real) with our dear friends. It made us laugh a little to enjoy it in our mini Manhattan apartment :)

Anyways, you can enter the giveaway here and I'll be back soon. Missed y'all!!
FripperyVintage said...

I enjoyed seeing all the photos of your trip on Instagram! Beautiful family and the locations were all amazing.

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