Monday, December 23, 2013

Mom and Dad's Christmas Costume Party

How did y'all spend your weekend? Alan and I dressed up, he as a reindeer and I as santa's elf, for mom and dad's Christmas costume party! 
I donned a conveniently elf-like dress and Alan was such a good sport and sewed jingle bells on to a pair of suspenders to serve as a merry reindeer harness, obviously. You could hear him all throughout the house and I couldn't help but laugh every time I heard him coming.
Dad was Santa, naturally as host of the house, and mom was his little helper. They were so cute! The Grinch even came and cracked a smile :) Cindy Lou Who wasn't far behind.
I made a sparkly photo backdrop and placed it by the front door so as soon as our guests arrived they could snap a silly pic or two to get them in the party spirit. At random times throughout the night, you would hear laughter coming from the foyer!
Guests came in a variety of Christmas sweaters and this darlin' little guy insisted out of all the reindeer, he of course, was Rudolph. We ate...we drank...we sang Christmas carols.
Even though we're all grown up, Mom never skimps on the holiday decor. It is quite the opposite of the mil, who don't get me wrong is as sweet as can be, declared she will bring the Christmas tree back once I procure a grandchild!  No pressure.
Mom very much subscribes to a tree for every room and always transforms the house into a cozy, festive holiday haven.
Over the years she's collected so many Santas and you can find him in almost every corner or tabletop. The march of the Santas!
Along with every garland, bow, or ornament she can get her hands on, she puts everyone's favorite treats out, too. 
It seems like the whole house glows with holiday spirit, especially the "red room." 
Ahhh! Don't you just love this time of year? Happy Christmas week, friends! 
Julia D. said...

Your mom did a spectacular job with those decorations. Love it!

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