Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picture Frame Collages

Image: Design Formula
I was talking to my dear friend, Natalie, when we decided that when it comes to accessorizing your place, large empty walls can often be intimidating! She has a fabulously, enormous place (which would make any New Yorker jealous ;)) with high ceilings and plenty of wall space. I told her I had literally stared at My Wall for 7 months before finally figuring out what to do with it- a picture frame collage! I had seen them all the time in home decor magazines, and they always looked so fun and eclectic!
As we got off the phone, I promised I'd share how I tackled my big scary wall and the final outcome! I'm a little short on time today so that will be for another posting, but for now here's an article from a blog (that I found through called Design Formula, that I wish I had found before hand! The blog author, Peggy, even shares a few potential Collage layouts (like the one below) to help you get started!
kmm said...

love this Rox. You must put up a picture of your wall in your place!!
Also, Im still waiting on your blog about our girls dinner the other night. Can you still not come up with a name for me??

Roxy Te Owens said...

thanks my love! I'm not sure that my measly wall collage deserves to be beside the fabulous one pictured! I'm saving girls night for a master blog! I need to collect more info so that your personalities come to life haha

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