Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The best of both worlds...

So I realize I've made a grave mistake in styling my cute little 1 bedroom in the "city." It's somewhat neat that you can look at my place and so clearly see the two sides of me- if you will be gracious enough to take my personal observations with a bit of understanding and laughter if you must ;)

Cup of Te 1) Modern and chic grounded by bits of tradition, sentimental trinkets, and comforting textures a.k.a. my living room and adjoining kitchen. To get a better idea here's a picture that I saved a couple years ago that I referenced for inspiration- lines are not quite as harsh, but the same aesthetic!
Cup of Te 2) Vintage loves, romantic, soft a.k.a. my bedroom that is painted in a soothing mocha and accented with distressed ivorys and creams. It's still a work in progress, but just so you can get a better idea, I splurged on this ruched voile bedding set from Pottery Barn!
My place is a lot like me, you get what you see, and it's pretty straight forward! Although I'm pleased with my initial foray into interior decor, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the work of Chicago based design firm Summer Thornton seen here. I wish I had taken to heart her trademark of mixing high and low, rough and polished, classic and irreverent! Instead I've ended up with two aesthetically opposite rooms, when I could have had the best of both worlds- vintage and modern all in one! *ahh, me* If only re-decorating were in the budge!

Maybe in a couple months ;) What's your style aesthetic darlings?

Blogs said...

That's so very true...our places are just like us! Plain and Simple:) Love the fabulous settings! I can't wait to break out of our place and get a bigger one!

Anonymous said...

I love the mirror above the first bed, it looks so updated and interesting!



thais said...

I love the tons of mustard and gray together! my place isn't a lot like me yet... someday for sure! modern+vintage= a dream come true!

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