Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Cup of Te: Makai Te

Isn't he strikingly handsome?!

After a whirlwind weekend in the city, when there were moments I was sure my life was scattered in pieces all over Manhattan, coming home to this little baby makes my heart very happy and calm. He's already stolen several kisses and snuggles, and even sandwiched himself in between my mom and I when I tried to give her a hug too...I get the picture- spending the rest of this Sunday playing outside with Makai :)
Hope you had a fabulous weekend darlings!
The Jodi(e)s said...

oh, he is such a dashing boy - i would love to snuggle up to such a pup.
it's amasing how the things just have this energy that centres you.
i miss my little guy.

by the way, the malcolm gladwell is always a good choice, he is so great. i have seen him speak by simulcast as well and he is just brilliant!

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