Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Case of the Twenty-Somethings: I need a J.O.B. and random unemployed ramblings...

Am I looking through the right lens? Or do I just need a new set of eyes?

Although I would count my first career choice as a failure of EPIC proportions, I suppose it would be even more so, if I did not get up, brush myself off, and gallantly get back on the big girl, grown-up world horse and apply myself to what I would hope to be my life long calling. Wouldn't that be so perfectly lovely?

With that said and a few months under my (leaner, thanks to the amount of time one is afforded in unemployment) belt, it's time that the mission to fling myself with great conviction into my next "career" is ON!

Although this sounds quite romantic and idealistic, the reality of it is, is that job searching ain't no cake walk- in fact it's quite the emotional roller coaster, and during this roller coaster of job searching, or in My Cup of Te terms "soul-searching" because I will settle for no less than happiness (unless of course the water cuts off and then the electricity) many frantic questions and dis-heartening thoughts have raced through my mind...

What if I fail AGAIN?

What if I'm good at absolutely nothing?

What if this calculated, deliberate step towards the FUTURE is only in disguise, and in reality a step backwards?

What if I waste another 3 years of my PRECIOUS life?

What if I arrive in my LATE twenties career-less and utterly lost?!?!?

And if ALL OF THE ABOVE does indeed happen, what am I to do with all this passion? Will it become self-destructive if remained unapplied?

Holy Smokes my head hurts!! You don't want to hang out with me either, do you? WELL, as I navigated through countless job postings and job sights last night, I was grateful to find myself laughing out loud in the midst of the turmoil going on within. I had to share this little gem with you because it made me feel better, and it might provoke a chuckle ;)

"Sales and Marketing- Ninjas only!!"
Need only apply if people often tell you how much they like you!

Is this a joke?! Would you don ninja threads to the interview and pack Chinese throwing stars in your portfolio?! And how would you prove that people sincerely express their favor of you and are not just blowing smoke up your bum? Ridiculous, right?

Anywho, I love the sense of humor, and it was just what I needed to remind myself of my naturally and usually ever-present positive, borderline perky disposition! SO simplyhired, stylecareers, monster, even craigslist- today I'm ready to get back on the job searchin' roller coaster! Bring it!!

Note to self: Chill a bottle of pinot for later...
Unknown said...

you keep that chin up, girl! i can't tell you how much i admire your feistiness and joie de vivre. i read a little something yesterday that might also help you stay motivated:


it really got me thinking about where i am now and where i'd like to be down the road. perhaps it will do the same for you! hang in there, roxy :)

thais said...

oh my! I completely understand how hard this is. I myself also failed more than couple of times. nope, it doesn't feel good. and getting on the market again hurts even more. closing my store down made me go through a long evaluation of what made me happy. and you know what? I am still finding out. every day. try not to think so much about the 'what ifs' and just let your heart take you to what you really love doing. good luck ;)

Unknown said...

Loving your attitude, and remembering this time in my own life, its not easy...but everyone goes through it! Good luck!

Roxy Te said...

I can't tell you all how much your words of encouragement mean to me! It truly makes my heart happy when 1)I've seen you've stopped by and 2) you leave such genuine advice :)

The Jodi(e)s said...

amen to this girl! it is so refereshing to see so many 20 something branching out and daring to be truly happy in the best career for them. i know you will find something amazing. i have started visualizing a lot and the images of myself that i find appealing are the ones that give me some sense of dierection. my mom didn't complete university and is still dreaming of going back to become a teacher. she tells me all the time that she doesn't want me to regret anything and to live a life knowing that i have left dreams unfollowed. 30 is young. In the whole scheme of things, if I end up at 30 with no career, no degree, but am truly happy I will be so successful. Deciding what I really want an what really drives me are my main motivators right now and I think having a pure heart in that are and not worrying if it's a viable career or it will make me money will bring me to the best solution that will accomplish ALL those things. I know the same will be true for you. Your heart is pure and beautiful, Rox!

Sorry that was a little long, but you definitely hit a nerve.


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