Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We can go to the tropics...

In exactly ONE month from today,

I will be boarding a jumbo jet

and flying clear across the glObe... my homeland in the TROPICS!!!

I almost forgot how close the big trip was UNTIL,

I stumbled across Isabela Capeto's ethnic and tropical collections here!

She names her collections after places ALL over the world,

and I can't help but to imagine myself in each place in every outfit.

What do you think loves? Don't all her frocks just take you away too?
p.s. Did you notice the gold threads braided into some of the models' hair? Love!
the NEO-traditionalist said...

These dresses are lovely! I'm only going to Hawaii and am so excited it hurts. So envious of your upcoming trip---think of all the fun you'll have!

XX katie

lawrence said...

my fav. would be the black dress with gold stripes. reminds me of the dresses in the movie the gladiator. by the way, im not happy about this. when is the last time we were in PI together?

Roxy Te said...

Katie- I've always wanted to go to Hawaii! The airport just doesn't cut it ;) Do the hula for me!
LT- You're so right. I feel like she should be wearing gladiator sandals and snake rings and arm bands! Come meet us!

Angel's collection said...

i like all the so pretty,can i come with you to our homeland ahahah....have fun rox !how i wish i can go home to our beautiful tropical country,Philippines!soon for sure...

Unknown said...

the details on these gowns are incredible! thanks for introducing me to her collection. your trip sounds lovely — of course i'll be living vicariously!

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