Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap: The Debut!

My beautiful baby sister and the 18 Roses Dance and blowing out her 18 candles with a little helper!

Hi loves! I'm finally back after a busy weekend full of family, friends, and a milestone party to remember! My little sister turned 18 so we celebrated by throwing her a traditional Filipino Debut- a coming of age fete that is often compared to the Spanish "Quinceanera!"

My little sis chose a black and white "star-studded" theme complete with flashing lights and red carpets. Just like an awards show, guests struck a pose and smiled for the cameras as they entered!

The Debut is marked by a Cotillion Court, a Father/Daughter Dance, the 18 Roses Dance, and the Debutante's Speech.

The Cotillion Court
The Debutante handpicks her "Cotillion court" who in turn performs "The Grand Cotillion Dance," which is usually a classic waltz, in her honor! Traditionally 18 are chosen- 9 males and 9 females, and we had the most fun getting together over 2 months to practice the choreographed dance!

The court wears formal gowns and suiting chosen by the celebrant. Kase was gracious enough to allow us to wear prom gowns instead of buying new dresses. Seeing as I have not attended prom in almost a decade, and I'm pinching pennies until I find that dream job, I busted out my dress from 2002- please forgive me for the ridiculous amount of pink and sparkly beading...

I was so happy to still be able to squeeze into it! Don't ask me about breathing...

The Father/Daughter Dance and the 18 Roses Dance

After (in my opinion) rocking it out to the waltz, my (proud) dad took my sister for a few spins around the dance floor! So presh!

He was followed by 18 men who presented her with a single rose before dancing with her as well! I weasled my way into handing out the 18 roses, and was big sis sneaky when I gave the "last rose" (So Bachelor/Bachelorette haha!) to a new crush of the best kind, a mutual one! The look on her face was PRICELESS ;)

The Debutante's Speech

Before the after party dancing commenced, my sister gave the Debutante Speech in which the celebrant thanks her guests for being an important part of her life and for helping her get to where she is today!

Phew...that was a long one loves, but I promised I'd share! My little sister had the time of her life, and I couldn't be more proud of her! What did you do this weekend? Do you have family/cultural traditions that you love to celebrate? I'm looking forward to several nights of much needed recovery ;)