Friday, August 13, 2010

Legwear Love

My dears, Fall is nigh (thank God, my favorite season) and whether we want to or not, it is time to slow the summer shopping and stock up on items for those brisk Autumn nights.  I predicted the fact that you may need some extra inspiration for your fabulous Fall wardrobes because after all, this is what they call the dog days of summer, so I gathered a few legwear lovelies perfect for layering to get you on your way...
Shorts for now AND later, just add tights
Booties and flowers couldn't be more sweet
Pretty flowers, killer studs, and sexy legwear.  Betty Draper wouldn't dare.
Better than a tat- commitment, pain free, and easy removal when you're over it
Feeling giddy for fantastical Fall fashion?  See more here by yours truly!  
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Elizabeth said...

If I were young again.........

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