Monday, February 7, 2011

Max Wanger

I'm sure you've all seen and heard of the talented Max Wanger. His work is featured as Jo's header, and he portrays the loveliest brides and grooms like Alex and Mina.  His latest is traveling at lightning speed around the blogosphere in the form of Ban.Do love. While all his work is stunning, it's his photos of life in general that really get me. He's one of those rare photographers who can turn happenstance into something much more- it's all really quite magical.

To learn more about Max Wanger, click here. To see more of my photography features, click here. Happy Monday, darlings!
theappletea said...

Max is also my one of favourites photographers... they've got THE EYE!!!

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I love this series as I find photography so inspiring. Thanks for sharing Max's work with us - great shots!

Diana Mieczan said...

I also love his work and I totally agree with you. He has that ability to make each photo look so happy and magical:) Wish you a great MOnday, sweetie

Anonymous said...

SO talented!
and you're adorbs in your weekend picture always :)


alison (semi-fab lane) said...

love this style. and btw, your food this past weekend looks scrumptious!

Heart Charlie said...

I love his photos, more importantly, I love your recent outfit/picture post ;) You look so pretty in your photos! I am glad to see you had fun in NYC and got to take advantage of those amazing sales out there ;)

Unknown said...

Great photos..they really capture a sparkle in the persons eye. When you find a great photographer...never let them go..
I love the girl who shoots my baby boy for his "every 6 months" shots...she is just awesome and really "gets" his personality.
and she has the patience of a priest.


Samantha said...

He makes me want to take such better pictures.

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