Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Society Social Proclamation!

A version of the "Hostess Gown" designed by 1930's-40's MGM designer Gilbert Adrian.
Fun Fact #1: Did you know an MGM designer designed Grace Kelly's wedding gown?
Fun Fact #2: Adrian and I are alumni of the same school! He attended New York School for Fine and Applied Arts that is now known as Parsons The New School of Design!

In sensationally strict accordance with Society Social's spirited (holy alliteration!) principle...

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

...we are pleased to announce with much anticipation the making of the The Society Social Hostess Gown!

She's flowing and fabulous and unabashedly over the top! A floor length chiffon-tastic caftan for the Society Hostess who wows her guests from her famous-like fashions to the tastiest of tipples she serves from her colorful cocktail cart. We think even the Mrs. would approve!

This glam robe de soir will be custom! Made to order just for you! And available in a riveting rainbow of colors procured by yours truly from a fabric bazaar in Seoul...

I flew all the way to Asia to perfect the product! To see more photos from my bip trip, click here!

She's the product of my retro-glam fascination that we hope all you Society Social hostesses will love :)

Coming this summer!!

To read more about the "hostess gown," click here and here.

{image via Life Magazine 1947}
KC said...

oh my gosh!! how exciting! i seriously CANNOT wait to see all your final products!!

Luxury Monograms said...

How fabulous!xx


Things That Sparkle said...

Wow I cannot wait to see, wish I had known yesterday, I would've included you in my round up of bloggers who done FREAKING AMAZING things!!!! Congrats. xoxoxo

Jessie said...

I go out of town for a couple days, come back and have missed so much. Love this!

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