Friday, December 30, 2011

Pride & Prejudice Confetti

Don't forget the confetti for your New Year's Eve fête! These confetti hearts cut from the pages of a vintage Pride & Prejudice book (my favorite!) make me swoon. I think I'd throw these in (or up?) as well for a little golden glam.

{The Lonely Heart Shop}

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sparkly Suggestions for 2012

Dress the party.
Dress yourself.

Ready the jello shots. Not of the college variety.

Set out the sweets
Don't forget the sparkly...

...from your cocktails to your toes!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sending Our Love from the City!

{Holiday Card from The Butter | Our Christmas Eve Cruise | Our Tree}

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Eve Cruise

Tonight Alan and I will be boarding the 1920's style Yacht Manhattan for a holiday sunset cruise around the New York Harbor complete with cocoa, champers, and Christmas carols by the Chelsea opera! I first read about the tours on Joanna's blog, and I can't think of a better way to kick off our first Christmas in the city :) Merry Christmas, darlings!

{Photo courtesy of Classic Harbor Line}

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cafe Cluny

Last night my dearest cousin Anna came over for cocktails! I had run to the store earlier that day to pick up some Grey Goose because as I say, "This is not college, I do not have two days to recover." Solid justification for top shelf, right? ;)

I live on the west side around the Hell's Kitchen neighb so we hopped the subway straight for the West Village for our dinner date at Cafe Cluny which is nestled in the darling cobblestone corner of West 4th and West 12th. We had so much catching up to do that we missed our stop, but we didn't mind having to do a little more walking...and a little more talking. Besides, the West Village is my fave for walkabouts especially when you're in the best company!
Our seats weren't ready so we settled in at the bar for another drink (surprise) and Anna beat me to ordering my go-to, gin and tonic! It was my first time at Cafe Cluny and I after taking in the quaint, warmly lit dining space, I noticed that the entire staff wore stripes. Love a good stripe!
I rarely eat meat so I opted for seafood and ordered the pan roasted organic salmon. It came with local turnips, roasted butternut squash, roasted mushrooms, and risotto. Incredibly good and cooked to perfection!
We shared the octopus, I think it was grilled? It disappeared so fast that I don't have much of a description to offer up except- mmm!
Ann ordered the Cluny hamburger and as usual if there is a fry on the table, I have to steal one. Everything was delicious. NY Mag calls it American-French panache.
It was one of those lovely, leisurely dinners with lots of talk of fond memories and excitedly making plans now that we are basically neighbors-- we've always lived several states apart! The check came with sweet treats, the richest morsels of dark chocolate and the Mr. who was finally able to join us after being stuck late at work!
We ended the night with a few more cocktails (lush, who?) at White Horse Tavern, a pub I used to frequent while still in grad school. Not much has changed about it, the pub and my love for NYC. It's really great to be back :)

Well darlings, I'm signing off for a few to enjoy the holiday! I hope you liked coming along on my little dinner date! There will be much more to come. For now, if you are celebrating, I hope your holiday season is filled with loved ones and many blessings!

DIY Miu Miu

Honestly WTF always has the best DIY's. I can't get enough of these sparkly jeweled heels inspired by Miu Miu!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunshine Yellow

I've officially been back in the city for three days, three very gloomy and rainy days where I've found myself pinning (come play!) bright pops of yellow. The first sign of sunshine deprivation if you're interiors obsessed! Thankfully it decided to make an appearance today, and I'm extremely excited to have a dinner date in the West Village tonight with my cousin who also happens to be my dearest friend! Do you have a pick me up color?

Don & Jim

I had a major allergic reaction (this is what I get for buying organic bamboo sheets?!) that left me woozy, drugged up, and watching a lot of TV the past two days. I totally have a crush on Don, despite his bad behavior, which proves his ability to make ladies fawn over his delivish (read: sleazy) ways...
And Jim, gotta love him, although he's only got eyes for Pam.

As for Dwight...
We just can't be sure.

{Elloh prints available on Etsy}

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

I didn't think we would have a tree this year, what with the move and traveling so much for work. Alan flew to NC to spend time with our families for Christmas before taking me home to our apartment to spend the holiday just the two of us. I walked in to find the most darling tree (eep! I heart surprises!) and tonight we decorated over a few cocktails and Christmas carols! What are you doing to make the holiday special, darlings? I hope it's the most merry and full of blessings :)

I asked for a person for Chrismas.

You should have seen Alan's face when I asked for a person for Christmas!
Her name is Naomi Stein, the creative mastermind behind Design Manifest.

She lives here and as you can see gets me on that whole other level.

I knew we were destined when she designed this space around my Society Social Duchesses. I loved it so much that it was impossible for me not to ask her to decorate NYC! We've made the fancy chair our muse, and I'd love to invite you along to share in our creative process!

Have you worked with an interior designer before? Do tell. I need pics!
I'm so excited, I can barely stand it!

Babies on the brain?

Babies on the brain? Okay, not really.
If ever.
She would totally dress like this and this.
Her name would be Vivi, and I would raise her on things like this.
Just sayin'.

{Zara Kids November Lookbook}

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This makes me happy...

Just poking around the blog world and bam! I stumbled upon my gold Darlingtons sitting pretty! It will surely never get old seeing my designs styled out in someone's space. Totally rad =D Thank you, Abode Love!

Weekend Picture Book

Highlights of our evening: 1) Six grown adults decked out in Christmas pj's for a slumber party. Candy cane leggings included. 2) Meg's chicken parm 3) Hide 'n' go seek in a 1200 square foot condo. Patrick running into the screen door, pretending to be a Christmas tree 4) the furry kids, kensie and cooper, exchanging gifts 5) Seeing Alan trying to shake his booty in Christmas-themed minute to win it 6) spending time with the best fam ever.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Guides & Wish Lists

A holiday tradition and a wish list at Mimi + Meg

A gift guide for the glamour puss at Mochatini

I've been hopping around the blogosphere sharing gift guides and wish lists! It's been so fun to "shop" seeing as my real life budget isn't quite as grand. A girl can dream! ;) p.s. I also share my most favorite family tradition so do pop by then come back and share yours!

The Finger

It's the finger. I've been noticing this trend popping up here and there, and I think it's such a charming surprise to switch it up. Are you going à la glitter like Mrs.Lilien? Or like Blair with a pop of contrasting color?

Monday, December 12, 2011


1. A small bag sewn into or on clothing, used for carrying small articles
2. Pretty little thang

Post it.

This made me chuckle.

Flea Market Fab

I love it when people get creative with their organization. Aren't these vignettes unique and perfectly pretty? Tips for finding such? I always seem to come across a bust or two and lots of charming cake stands at fleas and while vintage shopping. This is my latest fave five dolla find- oink!