Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Picture Book

I spent most of the weekend working (the next SS photo shoot is in a week!) but I did squeeze in a few brunch and dinner dates with my girls and my family. I have to eat anyways, right? After church yesterday, a day that was cold and rainy, I put on lounge-y clothes then made my signature eggs Benedict.
I've always gone traditional with the English muffin, but I've decided that from now on and always a flaky, buttery, fluffy croissant will be my Benedict base. (I know, genius.) Do you plate meals at home? We usually do family style, but every now and then I like to plate to make a meal feel a little more special. Nothing too fancy as you can see :) You should try it!
I bought up a load of fun props for the shoot I mentioned. It's always hard to control myself-- I want to keep everything. If I really let myself go, I'm positive I would end up on an episode of Hoarders but instead of cats or trash, I would have heaps and stacks of gorgeous vintage trinkets. Who doesn't need a brass pineapple mirror, mid-century highballs, animal figurines, and an outrageous amount of ginger jars? 
I stumbled upon a few instagrammed and tagged #societysocial. It makes me so happy to see my sofas, pillows, bar real homes. Shannon's Quinn!
And if you missed it, my girl Erika is graciously hosting a fun giveaway. A few Society Social items you might need to aid and abet your cocktailing revelries.

Hope y'all had a great weekend! See you this week!