Monday, February 8, 2010

Magic for your Monday

Does this add a little magic to your Monday or what?! This picture is by freelance photographer and street artist named Katie Sokoler based out of Brooklyn. I love her blog, and all her whimsical self portraits! Her refreshing take on life is definitely My Cup of Te, and it inspires me to find that bit of magic hidden in every day! Here's an excerpt from an interview she did with American Way mag:

“A huge part of what I do is about growing up and still keeping that kid side of you,” Sokoler says. “So many people grow up, and they’re always stressed and working, and everything is serious from then on, and I think that’s very sickening. You can still keep this fun side of you, the side of you that enjoys making cupcake sandwiches for breakfast."

Hope you check out more of her art because I'm pretty positive it will help you start your week out with a smile :)