Sunday, March 14, 2010

Food Adventures: Mango and Banana Ice Cream

The original inspiration- 1 ingredient banana ice cream

Ever since I read this posting by a girlfriend of mine, this recipe (if you can even call it that because it's so simple!) has been lurking around in my subconscious. Today it finally came to fruition- literally!

It all started with a quick trip to Lowe's, which you will see more frequently than the mall when you invest in a fixer upper, and a soft serve ice cream sighting! There is an old school diner on the way whose sign is a tasty ice cream cone, and I knew the day had come.

Despite the fact that I had my dancing shoes on last night, and I know I had to have burned some calories shaking it with one of my best sister friends, I was still feeling slightly guilty for the mango margs and 3am spin and tomato pizza in which we so fervently indulged!!!

SO, to appease my soft serve craving sans guilt, I busted out my magic bullet, half a banana, and because I can never follow a recipe to the T, frozen organic mango chunks, that I always keep in the freezer and the sames ones that inspired our impromptu margs! The bullet was having a hard time churning up the fruit so I added a splash of organic, unsweetened soy milk to help the process along, which is also something you will always find in my fridge! It not only blended better, but it gave my sweet treat the consistency of ice cream and less of a fruit smoothie. A few spins later, and I was in banana mango tropical heaven! You must try it!!

Hope everyone ended their weekend as sweetly as I did :)
Linda said...

mmmmh!!! i love the ice cream!
it remember me spring & summer!!!

Anonymous said...

So yummy and SO easy right!!! I'm trying a new combo this week, can't wait till you see it! Hope you had a great weekend!

Lauren @

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