Monday, March 15, 2010

Holy Legs!

Good Lord Jennifer Aniston looked terrific on R and Kel this morning! I don't think any amount of squats, lunges, or the stair master could transform my legs into her lean, toned limbs. I've always loved her easy, unpretentious Cali style- how cute does she look in a basic tee and shorts? And those strappy sandals actually complement her legs, they would cut mine off and make them look like stumps!

I know this is old news at this point, but since she was so charming on the show this morning, and in case you haven't seen, I had to share! I now not only envy her legs, but her gorgeous house too that was recently featured in Architectural Digest.

I may be off, but there's something very Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greats in American architecture, in some of these pictures! The way the house sits in harmony with the Hollywood hill it graces, the strong clean lines, the floor to ceiling windows instead of walls that invite the outside in! Wright also had a love affair (one of his many!) with the Far East, specifically Japan, and you are greeted with a koi pond built into Aniston's foyer!

Now this is what you call la belle vie! What do you think?
Happy Monday!
Jodi Kendall said...

wow - she DOES have awesome legs!

Thanks so much for the quote you put on my blog - so pretty! Love it! Yes I have major wanderlust. It can be a blessing and a curse ;)

Hope you are having a great day. xo

Giovanna said...

Love Jennifer Aniston look on that picture!
Your blog is lovely!

Linda said...

i love jennifer.. but the house is not very beautiful!
i love italian stylehome!

Sniff said...

She has such enviable legs! Which reminds me - it's time to step up the amount of time I spend training. Twice a week don't cut it when it's only a few months left to the bikini season.

I love the outside of her house. And the fantastic view!

thais said...

not only the legs, but the gorgeous hair, eyes, smile and style! I love the outside of the house a lot.... the inside, maybe a little too dark!

Unknown said...

Jennifer's legs do look great and the house looks fabulous! And the view is to die for!

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