Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Necessary: A Couture Cruiser

The woman: "She cruises to the park for a picnic brunch to celebrate her friend's birthday with a bunch of flowers tucked in her basket. She's looking sweet in raspberry and mint green. Her bike basket is lined in Couture Cruiser."

If you've gotten to know a little about me, you will already know that I broke out my 2009 Christmas present from the in-laws for the first time a few weekends ago! The bike rides wonderfully, but I'm majorly itching to give it a My Cup of Te makeover! Perhaps a little pink? A little orange?? ;)

In my mission to make my bike more me, I discovered this website- With its slogan being "roll in style," Couture Cruiser offers bike basket liners to add a little flair to your bike! The moodboard above describes the girl (or boy if that's how you roll, pun intended, ha!) who would choose Daisy Delilah, a multicolor floral print, for their basket. I have a bit of a different vision for the Delilah liner, but thought the inspiration was so cute so I had to share!

Aside from a dressed up basket, I also want to add a shiny bell and a fresh coat of paint!
Any suggestions lovies?

The liner: The dainty Daisy Delilah
Kristin M said...

hey friend! You can def come on my trip with me. And we can ride our cruisers together (i have to get one first) and put our puppies in the front basket!

Sniff said...

Whoa! If I could do a redecoration of my own bike, I'd go for the biker chic look and paint it in shiny black and a basket with a leopard liner. Those were really cool.

But you might want something more summery, like the moodboard? They did show a cool one in a light turquoise, too. That would probably turn some heads, at least over here.

Roxy Te said...

My vision is a fresh coat of Hermes orange, a shiny bell, camel colored leather handle bar covers, a basket to match, and a floral liner to spruce it up! :)

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