Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tik Tok...

Yes, you heard it! Those are the seconds that are quickly passing in the countdown towards bikini season!!! Ahhh!

After training for and running a marathon for Team in Training in '06 and then subsequently partying my little (ok, not so little!) hiney off in NYC for the better half of '07, I never really got back on the workout wagon! '07 also marked my entrance into the grown up world of working 50+ hours a week and sometimes more, and it was so, that I never achieved that perfect work/life balance. Happy hour (especially in the midst of Manhattan withdrawals) was just much more comforting than the silly treadmill!

FINALLY after 2 years of being miss fatty pants, sheesh I can't believe I let myself be photographed in a bikini LY, not to mention these photos are tagged on FB! ekk!- I'm back with a vengeance!! Kelly Ripa, a.k.a. K RIPPED if you hear me gushing about her, is my new role model. I know better than to compare myself to the likes of Marissa Miller, and Kels has a petite frame like me so I have deemed her a realistic idol! She also jokes about her "girls" or lack thereof, which makes her even more like me! LOVE her!!

Are you on the workout wagon? I just wanted to share a few of my fave workout songs as of late! This is my soundtrack to kickboxing a.k.a. turbokick, spinning, strength training a la P90x, hip hop hustle (So fun!), and whatever else entices me to hop into my beloved Under Armour!

1. Tik Tok by Kesha
2. What Is It by Baby Bash
3. Heaven by DJ Sammy
4. Bette Davis Eyes Club Mix by Deep Rhodes Company
5. Walk It Out Remix by DJ Unk
6. In My Head by Jason Derulo
7. Cyclone by T-Pain
8. Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
9. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
10. Deepest Blue by Deepest Blue
11. Hero/Heroine Boys Like Girls
12. Ghetto Story by Baby Cham

What's on your workout playlist? Quick! Share! Before I'm so over mine and lose motivation :)
xoxo My little gym rats!
Sniff said...

What I'm doing to get back into bikini shape:

1. Swimming
2. I just started on something new today: Gyrotonics. It's inspired by yoga.
3. Now that the snow and ice are melting, I'm back on my bike

For the first two things, I don't have any music. I've been thinking of getting a Swimman (a watertight Ipod) though, so I can have music in the pool, too. For the gyrotonics, I have a private trainer, and I guess the point would be lost if I didn't listen to what he's saying. :)

Playlist about 200+ songs, but here's a selection:

1. JLo - Love don't cost a thing
2. Shakira - same as yours, I love that song
3. Def Leppard - Hysteria
4. Odds & ends -That's what dreams are made of (from the 1988 Summer Olympics album)
5. Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me
6. Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
7. Pink - Just like a pill
8. Fort Minor - Rember the name
9. Enrique Iglesias - Push
10. Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina

I like fast music when I work out. :)

Andee said...

I hate looking at these magazines because they make me sad :P

But Cyclone is also one of my favorite songs to work out to! It gets me pumped hahaha

.anna. said...

ohh rox thank you! haha! :D i'm totally adding your songs to my playlist!
don't bother asking me for my list cause you'll probably ROTFL..


Lorraine Te said...

i love the 70's disco, what can i say. here's my play list. makes cycling so much fun!
saturday night/bay city rollers
crocodile rock/elton john
don't bring me down/electric light orchestra
love rollercoaster/ohio players
september/earth,wind,& fire (my fave!)
boogie shoes / kc and the sunshine band
you make me feel like dancing/leo sayer
rock the boat / hues corporation
best of my love / the emotions
boogie nights / heatwave
a'int no stopping us now /mcfadden & whiten
let it whip / dazz band
let's groove / earth,wind & fire
love train / the o'jays

so, there you go. i may not be back in a bikini but a tankini instead?

Roxy Te said...

Oh my goodness!! Thanks for sharing in such detail!! Sniff, I don't know why I didn't think of Aguilera's Dirty! I'm adding that asap! Mom, I'll try to get into the 70's disco haha And yes tankini is just as fabulous!

khiga said...

oops..repost haha

My workout:

well it'd be field hockey 24/7 =). If you ever feel like going for a run Rox,let me know! haha

Songs I like to work out to:

Say Ahh-Trey Songz
Calabria 2008- Enur
Run The Show- Kat DeLuna
Spotlight- Gucci Mane (more of a distance running song for me)
I Can Transform Ya- Chris Brown
Give it all you got- Lil Jon
On to the Next One- Jay-Z
Showdown- Black Eyed Peas
Use Somebody- Kings of Leon

Kickboxing sounds like soo much fun! Hey if you want to learn how to hula I do hula dancing!!! It's really good for the core and it's fun =)

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