Monday, April 19, 2010

Open Hearts takes it Outdoors...

So the past couple days at the HP furniture market have been quite eventful...

1) My friend T.Z. whose boyish good looks may be at fault for both of the following: Being A (yes, capital)-ttacked by a cougar with so-called "big hands" and snagging the very first order of market!

2) My mother, for no good reason, was berated by a rude pillows vendor who in turn was even more severely berated by my father- if you like your personal space, you do not wanna mess with Daddy Te...take it from me.

3) I was tracked down by a hired messenger with a business card from a "secret admirer"...what is this 6th grade? Nonetheless, compliments are always welcome and what girl doesn't appreciate one every now and then?

4) An undercover sales rep posed as a buyer and hi-jacked the free catered lunch from the showroom before his cover was blown...

5) Pops seemed to have hit it off with James Keach

6) A potential connection was so generously offered that may speed up my latest mission: Return to the Apple ASAP!

7) and the most exciting-- drum roll please!
Hollywood, Dr. Quinn, paid a visit to my parents' showroom.

Isn't my dad just presh?! He's so freakin' excited!

Jane Seymour and her peeps collaborated with my parents and their peeps to bring a new look to outdoor furniture! The line officially launched this market- Think English garden and an interpretation of "open hearts" in several details such as chair backs!

I feel like a proud parent because I've witnessed how hard mom and pops have worked to keep their 5th child alive, and as well as possible in these hard economic times. They built their 20 year old business from the ground up with help from many people along the way, and my fingers are crossed that all this hard work will come to fruition!

I don't especially like playing the part of star-struck so this photo opp. was slightly embarrassing due to the overwhelming, but cute I must say, excitement of my parents.

For more check out this article in Casual Living!
Will share more about the actual line itself when I get my hands on the press release and the official photography...
Sarah J said...

presh family photo!!! i miss you friend & need to hear your voice soon!!

Lindsey said...

This is so cool! Your family is adorable!! And I have always LOVED Jane Seymour!! How exciting!!

Unknown said...

Roxxxx, those necklaces in the previous post have given me great envy!

And what an awesome family you have here! And Dr Quinn, wow. Very exciting stuff.

Have a brilliant sun filled week! xoxo

Amber said...

I can't lie. #6 makes me a little sad, but still very happy for you since I know you have worked so hard to make it back there.

btw...The family photo is super cute!

kristin said...

Oh my gosh Roxy, that is so amazing! I can't wait to see more pics of the furniture and see what is to come from this. So exciting! Congrats too on leaving corporate life, doesn't it feel great?

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