Friday, April 9, 2010

So Necessary: Weekend kicks

Hi lovies!!! It's Friday! We made it!
I started off this glorious (70's perfect weather) morning by stopping by a few of my daily reads and was inspired by Heart Charlie and her city chic coolness to re-visit Theory's Style project!
I recently bought a pair of white slip-ons from Urban that are so perfect for casual outings around the city, but I really want a pair of snazzy Oxfords! I've been on the fence about them for months, but immediately wanted to go out and snag a pair after seeing these effortless looks!! The models look fabulous, but can I get a smile please?! Sheesh! Will I finally make the leap for some Oxfords this weekend? What do you think darlings? So necessary?

Anonymous said...

I bought a pair from Aldo a few months ago and I LOVED them, but I never wore them. Not once. For two reasons, they were an odd color of white/gray that was really hard to match and two the warmer it got the less the thought of sliding my tootsies into airless leather shoes (even though they were perforated) just didn't appeal to me. I ended up returning them. I would go for a brown and invest in some of those little footie socks :)

Amber said...

Oh no... I hope if you go for them they are better than those crazy MC hammer pants haha. Love you anyways! ~Your far-from-stylish friend :)

Sniff said...

Hi! When and if you have the time, there's an award for you to collect at my blog. :)

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