Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In My Cup of Te: NYC

In New York City, a yellow cab is simply a wave away,

Nights magically turn into mornings in a blink of an eye,

Around every corner there is a possibility of discovering a piece of yourself- one you may not have known was there,

The daily commute, if you stop to pay attention for a moment, can be Grand,

Happy Hour is all day everyday and in the form of wonderful friends and minty mojitos in Greenwich Village,

The most wonderful things can be found in the most unexpected places,

And if you're smart enough to keep your eyes open, "The Time Is Always Now!"

Do you have a love affair with a certain place like me?
Wherever you are, have a good day lovies! :)
Heart Charlie said...

I love your post!!! I love living in NYC and you reminded me of all the little things I love about it. Your quote, "Around every corner there is a possibility of discovering a piece of yourself- one you may not have known was there" that is beautiful!

Lauren said...

Thanks for your comment on my food blog! I have to admit that your blog is much more interesting though! Haha! I'm pretty new to blogging, but reading yours makes me want to step up my "blog game!"

Amber said...

I absolutely adore the Roxy sign photo and the fact that you are standing beneath it!!! Never seen that before... speaking of images I've never seen. Are there any nikon images floating around on a special card somewhere for my eyes to see?

A "cheery" disposition said...

I am so glad everyone loved the shoes. I have to say the white ones were my favorite but they didnt have any in my size that is why i went with the black.. so i might be a tad bit jealous of yours ; ). and yes.. they are a little hard to walk it but they are totally worth it.

Sniff said...

Thanks for posting these wonderful NYC pictures! You look great under that Roxy sign. :)

My trip over to your hometurf is only six days away now. I'm sooo looking forward to it!

thais said...

oh NY! I miss it indeed... just saw another post about it and even though I'm in a CA moment right now I dream about the day mr. J and I will experience all these wonderful NY feelings together!

The Jodi(e)s said...

this post is so fun and so great and a reminder why maybe my wandering days are not over yet - i haven't lived in NYC yet!
i wish more people were appreciative of the cities they lived in.

i just found your blog today and it is SO so lovely.
you have a real good thing going here.


khiga said...

Awww I definitely know how you feel about loving a certain place, that makes you amazing! Mine is definitely Hawaii! I love Hawaii! It fits my personality and I find myself out there in the calming scenery more than I could anywhere else. It just gives me this place where no one is rushing me and everything is just how its suppose to be. Everything's relaxed and appreciated for that moment in time.

Hope you are well Rox!


Linda said...

very nice under the roxy sign!!!!! :)
very beautiful photos compliments!

Roxy Te said...

oh nyc- I'm so happy I could make you guys feel the city through pics! I get to visit in a week!! I'll take some more pics to share with you :)

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