Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If Kelly does it...

Isn't she just so stinkin' cute!

If you didn't already know, Kelly Ripa is an idol of mine! In my opinion she has it all- the (dark, handsome Italian) man of her dreams, a successful career AND a family (whoa, 3 kids!), and a fabulous apartment in SoHo! On top of that, she's funny, gorgeous, fit (check out those guns!), and stylish!

There is a certain pair of shoes that she wore 2 or 3 times last week and already once this week that are just sick! I did a little research this morning after seeing them and simultaneously dying over them all over again. If only they were in my budge! For $855, I just cannot make the Fendi Desir Suede Chiffon platforms mine *sigh*

Aren't they utterly fabulous?!

p.s. I have uncharacteristically been wanting to get a tattoo on my inner wrist for months now, but have refrained for obvious reasons. I obviously love all things Kelly and discovered this today. What do you think loves? Is it only cute when Kelly does it?
Unknown said...

Last year she and her hubs and her gorgeous children were staying at the same hotel as me and my family on vacation! I was obsessed with her, and every thing she wore! So beautiful in person, without a stitch of makeup and great amazing style. I am in awe of this lady!

Roxy Te said...

Oh my goodness ME TOO! I would die if I saw her in person. I heard she is so mini! Sounds like a fabulous vaca if Kelly was there too ;)

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh my gosh she is the cutest, totally love that outfit and those shoes...gorgeous. Oh and shes pretty with no makeup from what The Zhush said....lucky girl.

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

kelly does seem perfect and the weird thing is i'm not even jealous:)guess it's because she is so sweet and has such a good personality. i LOVE those shoes too! i want them...maybe we can find a knock off?

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