Monday, May 10, 2010

Itching to get dressed...

SO...I'm just dying to don some baubles, stack on some bangles, slip on fresh spring wedges, twirl around in a flirty skirt, drape a soft spring scarf around my neck, and layer, layer, layer (which is always a must in printemp's unpredictable hi's and low's!) cami's, blouses, cardi's, and blazers!

Unfortunately, "soul searching" does not always require getting out of my pj's, and although I always do, it's usually to change into a sports bra, workout tights, and asics- low maintenance for sure, but where's the fabulous fun in that? Enter Olivia Palermo who has shared her outfits everyday for the month of April on

I know we love to hate her and hate to admit when we do love her (even if it's not for her shining personality), but I do really love her style! And if I'm not per se "getting dressed" in the way that I want too every morning, at least I can check out Olivia's stylish outfits!

Here are some of my faves!
Slouchy chic, shorts and stripes, and belted effortless style!

Sweet skirts, beaded embellishments, ruffles, and pops of color!

If you can get over your pride or love for sweet Whitney, go here for more of her fabulous outfits! What are you wearing this morning loves? Happy Monday!
p.s. She names every piece in her outfits, and it's interesting to see how she mixes high and low (like Spring weather!) from Zara to Hermes!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

i'll admit it, i watch the city and whitney is such a b. but she does dress awesomely! i can't believe she wears items from Zara? cute post- i'm checking out your blog for the first time and love it...i will be returning!

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