Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day with the Te ladies...

"A mother is someone who can take the place of anyone, but whose place no one can take."

When Mom arrived (we celebrated two days early!) we greeted her with fresh pink peonies from the uptown Farmer's market and a home made card- just like the kind we all used to make when we were in elementary school sans the crayons and misspelled words! We then walked to a Thai restaurant for a delicious dinner consisting of chicken lettuce wraps, red curry beef, duck salad, and basil stir fry! After a wonderful time catching up over yummy food, we headed home for dessert! We toasted with a little bubbly and sliced into Lemon Mint cake (lemon desserts are her fave!) served on the china she basically forced me to register for...proving that Moms always know best :)

Happy Mother's Day y'all!
p.s. Stay tuned for Food Adventures...the Lemon Mint was my very first cake!
Blogs said...

What a beautiful time spent:) Those flowers are Lovely! xoxo

Roxy Te said...

Lovely, but unfortunately I'm allergic...I've kept them in the house anyways because they're so darn pretty!

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