Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pass the bubbly...

Greek keys on napkins and cups? I'll take it!

Stocked bar cart- check.

Stocked wine cellar- check.

Bar accessories: trays, ice buckets, decanters, shakers- check, check, and check.

Yes, I love to party. I love to plan a party.

In fact, my besties and I will make up a fake holiday if we need to. Cinco de Mayo too far away?

How about Siete de Marzo?

If you couldn't tell, it doesn't take much for me to reach for the bubbly...

...and I think I just found my next excuse!

Partyware by Jonathan Adler!!!

Fabulous party tumblers! Which one will you have? Spiked or Virgin?

Sweet or Sour?

JA's fantastically fun line of partyware offers tumblers, napkins, paper plates, and even paper lanterns for decor!

So the only question is house or yours?

I promise I'll share the champagne ;)

Blogs said...

I say make up a holiday everyday just to celebrate life:) xoxo

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