Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chanel? Is that you?

Nope! It's Sally!

I don't know about you loves, but at the moment, I cannot justify turning over 30 dolla bills for a bottle of nail polish...even if it is Chanel! The old me probably would have shelled it out with a quickness, but the new me is much smarter otherwise known as... on a budget!

In light of the situation, I was absolutely delighted when I found Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic, (so it's not Chanel, but it's close enough for me!) for only $7 at my local drugstore!

I also bought Yellow Kitty and Lavender Cloud. I'm not sure how I feel about the former, but I kind of felt like I had white out on my nails when I tested out the latter, and I wasn't really going for the bored at the office look.

Do you have fun beauty finds to share? Please do tell...the budget would appreciate it ;)
Gorgeous Glam said...

This is a great color! I just found your blog doll and love it! xoxo Keep it Glam

Unknown said...

Oooh, great color, I agree! Thank goodness for knock-offs, right?! I am watching The Office, as we speak!

The Jodi(e)s said...

Wow, they are total dead ringers for eachother. I remember the first time I tried grey nails - so many compliments! Thanks for the tip off sweetheart.

Hmmm...most of the beauty products are pretty pricey because I try to by natural and vegan when I can, but I make a lot of my own too! Milk, olive oil, and brown sugar make a killer moisturizing body scrub. Pureed tomatoes make a great face mask. An asprin paste is a killer blemish remedy!

LifestyleBohemia said...

Love this nail polish color - thanks for sharing your bargain find!
I will def pick this one up at the drug store.

thais said...

I love the color, I love the price tag even more...what a great find! keep them coming :)

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