Friday, May 21, 2010



Editor's note, "Friends Indeed," from Marie Claire's March 2010 issue: "When I finished school, I thought I'd made all the friends I'd need for life. Who else could know me better than the people I'd grown up with? And how could I befriend the people I was kind of in competition with at work? How little I knew. Working on intense projects together is a great bonding experience (just ask J.Garner and J.Biel, who grew close on the set of Valentine's Day), and the people I laughed and moaned with over impossibly demanding bosses or lunatic deadlines are now some of my closest friends- Here's looking at you, Jane and Dominique."

While I was reading this Editor's note, I couldn't help but to immediately think of my co-workers turned BFF's, S and K. It wasn't too long after I started in their buying office that people would see the 2 out of 3 of us and ask, "Where's the other?"

At work there were style outs, advertising turn-ins, "competitive shopping" outings, endless open-to-buy-meetings, and lunch when we were lucky.

Away from work there were beach trips, happy hours, road trips, boat days, dinner dates, and too many good times to count! Last summer we had all just gotten to the beach after working a long work week, and jokingly pondered (cocktails in hand, of course) just how much time we really spent together. As we tallied and realized the actual number, we burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of it all- 100 hours by the end of the weekend!

We all agreed it was pretty crazy especially for not being roomies and time split between significant others, but even crazier that we all got along so well. After all, how many people do you meet in your life with which you can spend that much time? By choice? And not want to murder?!

ANYWAYS, before this gets too long, the point of this post is to express my excitement over seeing these two tonight. Life has changed, we have all since moved on from our side by side desks, and seeing each other means more than waking up and driving to work- planes are ness!

For the first time in months we are all in the same town so I'm beginning my weekend with a girls night in, RSK style!! PJ attire, cocktails, belly laughs, and all the things we've missed in each others lives the past 4 months!

I hope your Friday plans are just as wonderful as mine!
Cheers loves to a happy weekend!

Sarah J said...

i just teared up reading this :)

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