Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dear Weekend's Past and others,

Dear Sister friends,
Thanks for always being on the same page as I am. 1 bottle of prosecco, a vodka cocktail, a bottle of red, and one of white later, and we still managed to keep the same pace of not only drinks, but also of laughter and good cheer.

Dear Bikini cover up,
Thank you beyond words for being within arm's length reach when I unknowingly pulled the string of my string bikini bottoms. With one hand frantically covering up "the goods," well at least the front side (hey, it's better than nothing!), you were within reach of the other, therefore helping me avert total (key word, total) humiliation at a crowded pool.

Dear Daily diet,
I'm sorry I strayed, but not really. Actually. Not. At. All. Extra servings, bigger portions, and tiramisu x 2 never tasted so's not like my bikini was working with me anyways, and frankly I was getting tired of the never-ending stream of protein shakes, veggie burgers, eggs, and spinach.

Dear Julie and Julia,
Thanks for inspiring me to bring my sketchbook along on my upcoming international adventures. I will get back to my roots, learn how to whip up my native dishes, and hopefully share my food forays with all my lovely Cup of Te readers!

Dear Mom,
Thanks for your Filipino BBQ recipe, Sunday supper al fresco didn't turn out too bad, and I loved sharing a dish that brings me back to the islands.

Dear Weekend,
Thank you for always coming despite how the week goes. You are always welcome and missed when you go.

Hope your weekend was as refreshing as mine!
Cheers to another week loves,
lawrence said...

i need that filipino bbq recipe

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