Sunday, June 6, 2010

In My Happy Place: Sunday Supper

Today I awoke to clear blue skies, a deliciously cool breeze, and a morning walk with an extremely happy canine friend. As Mr.Coops was doing his business, I couldn't help but to daydream about the possibilities of today! Cooking is a hobby of mine, and after watching Julie and Julia this weekend, here is how my imaginary day took shape...
First, I would assemble a group of my most favorite people. We would walk to the Farmer's market and fill our baskets with the freshest, most colorful produce and the happiest flowers to be found. Another stop would be made at a wine shop on the way home, and we would settle on several bottles of sparkling Prosecco and rich, full-bodied reds. Back at my place, we would gather around a long, rustic table (which I have made room for by clearing out all the living room furniture), laugh (alot), chop, and prepare away. Of course the balcony door would be slid all the way open, because like I said it's a gorgeous day and it would be necessary to invite in the breeze, and while the food cooks, our prep table would be transformed into...
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...something just like this, but also peppered with our fresh flowers and bottles of wine! We would gather round the table over our fresh, local fare and toast to an impeccable Sunday filled with gorgeous weather, delicious food, and fantastic friends.
Now, if I could just make this a reality! Would you join me??

Have a wonderful Sunday loves,
Lindsey said...

I would so join you!! This sounds divine!!

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