Monday, June 7, 2010

Food Adventures: Lemon Mint Cake and a quick DIY!

Having spent the whole day with the mom, I thought I'd share a recipe I braved just for her!

So there's not many people for which I would brave baking, so I decided since my mother makes that list, Mother's Day was the chosen day. She love loves lemon desserts, and I love Giada so Lemon Mint Cake it was. 2 hours and a disaster of a kitchen later...

Lemon Mint Cake, fresh pink peonies from the Farmer's Market and a homemade card just for Mother dearest...

...drizzle with lemon zest syrup, bust out the Kate Spade china (yes, the china mother strongly insisted (aka forced) me to get), and enjoy.

*The cake was fresh and not too sweet, and although I followed the recipe to a T, it was also a little dry. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I guess opening a bakery is not in my future*

I had one left over peony bloom after I got carried away and did this,

but no vase. Not a pretty one at least. SO...

...I tore off a piece from the paper that the flower stand used to wrap up my blooms and wrapped up the only hideous (well, actually just Christmas themed) vase that was left.

Fresh flowers, homemade cake, and a happy momma- it was a pretty good day.
Cheers loves,
Katness said...

I'm more of a baker than a cook, but since I'm trying to help my hubby to loose weight I don't bake much anymore, just for his birthday usually or other special occasion. Sweet of you to spend the time and effort to bake for your mom.

Justin said...

my mom goes crazy for lemon too. i wonder if she'd like this combination. it sounds good to me.

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