Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food Adventures: Shrimp and Fish Tacos

Shouldn't every night be Mexican night? Well last night it certainly was, and believe it or not (since I'm trying not to jiggle in my bikini) it was just as delicious sans queso. I turned on some jazz, slid open the balcony door because I love listening to rainstorms, poured a generous glass of red, lit a few candles, and got to it..

1. Prepare fresh salsa- chop up tomatoes, onions, garlic, a jalapeno pepper, fresh cilantro, and let sit in lots of lime juice
2. Season tilapia and shrimp with s&p and pan-fry (grease is not a fave of mine so I used non-stick spray and just a bit of olive oil)
3. While fish and shrimp are cooking, prepare fillings, shred red and green lettuce and slice avocados
4. And since everything can't be homemade when you're trying to whip up a quick dinner, I popped in Green Giant's Valley Fresh steamer, southwestern style corn, for a side.
5. Stuff your tortilla with all the above- I did!

Quick, fresh, and muy bueno.

Not too keen on corn? I made Bobby Flay's black beans and rice with cilantro pesto a couple of weeks ago to go with Tyler Florence's pork adobo roast, and it's a tasty side for tacos too!

bananas. said...


i love mexican food!!!

Justin said...

i vote that every night be taco night

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