Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fortune Cookie Fake Out

Cheap Chinese food- questionable meat and soggy vegetables drowning in a cocktail of msg, extra grease, and syrupy, calorie-laden sauces.  A bad idea on many fronts especially since all the above will make you feel bloated and fat while simultaneously providing the nutritional value of cardboard.  Needless to say, sometimes shit happens and one Beef and Broccoli and Lo Mein later, there I was feeling bad about myself and hoping (there I go again relying on inanimate objects) that the childish joy of cracking open my fortune cookie would silence the worries of combo #3 pitching a tent on my hips.

One minor problem- One fortune and no cookie!  WTF?  Does the lack of the cookie cancel out my fortune?  I realize I probably could have forgone the fat, but considering my major case of the twenty-somethings, the fortune I could really use!

What does it mean when you get a fortune without a cookie?! 
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