Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vogue Korea Destination II: Vietnam

As I flipped through Vogue Korea: St. Tropez, I was already feeling better about two things 1) the improved rate at which the minutes of my excruciatingly long layover were ticking by and 2) the idiotic haste with which I bought this deceiving mag, in which I could read nothing, was turning out to be not so so idiotic.  After all, pictures are half the fun, and at least I could read the designers named.  The next editorial brought exotic flavors from the Far East, and I was immediately transported from Incheon International to Vogue in Vietnam. 

Have you ever seen such a chic rice paddy hat?  I think not. 
Cheers's Thirsty Thursday.
klandesteen said...

Oh, thank you so much for posting this editorial! Especially because I am Vietnamese, I thought it was strangely exciting.

Sniff said... the rice hat image. All of it!

Sniff said...

Sorry, now I realized there were two. The one with the white dress was the one I fell in love with. Guess it caused me to overlook the other one. :)

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